Arpan Sen - AS142598

Arpan Sen - AS142598 is an educational network owned and operated by Arpan Sen for non-profit & personal projects and other ventures within the Industry.

Our goal is to run a sustainable network that serves the internet with projects as well as provide services that support the community for as cheap as possible. We Provide the following Services:

  • IPv6 Allocation
  • BGP (Physical & Over Tunnels)
Please contact me for futher information.

Contact: [email protected]
Peering Requests: OPEN



2606:b0c0:b00b::/48 ARIN

2a0e:b107:1590::/44 RIPE

2a0e:46c4:1300::/40 APNIC

2a0e:46c4:109::/48 APNIC

No data available.

Internet Exchange Points

Name Speed IPv6 IPv4
LL-IX 10G 2001:678:4fc::92:246 Unavailable
EVIX 1G 2602:fed2:fff:ffff:6::c4 Unavailable
Lambda-IX 1G 2a0f:607:1070::19

Peers & Upstreams

Rank Description Country IPv4 IPv6 ASN
1. Hertz Global Network Upstream Hong Kong Unavailable Available AS135395
2. Cloudflare United States Unavailable Available AS13335
3. Hurricane Electric LLC Upstream United States Available Available AS6939
4. OpenFactory GmbH Upstream Switzerland Unavailable Available AS41051

Network Policy

  • You MUST keep your contact information accurate in your WHOIS.

  • You MUST keep your PeeringDB object(s) up to date.

  • You MUST have at least one publically routable ASN and IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space.

  • You MUST NOT annouce prefixes you don't have explicit authorization for.

  • You MUST NOT point default/static route to us.