Arpan Sen - AS142598

Arpan Sen - AS142598 is an educational personal network owned and operated by Arpan Sen.

Peering Requests: CLOSED



2a0e:b107:1590::/44 Partially Announced View

2a0e:46c4:1300::/40 Partially Announced View

2a0e:46c4:109::/48 Announced View

No data available.

Internet Exchange Points

Name Speed IPv6 IPv4
LL-IX 1G 2001:678:4fc::92:246 Unavailable

Peers & Upstreams

Rank Description Country IPv4 IPv6 ASN
1. Hertz Global Network Upstream Hong Kong Unavailable Available AS135395
2. FranTech Solutions Upstream United States Unavailable Available AS53667

Network Policy

  • You MUST keep your contact information accurate in your WHOIS.

  • You MUST keep your PeeringDB object(s) up to date.

  • You MUST have at least one publically routable ASN and IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space.

  • You MUST NOT annouce prefixes you don't have explicit authorization for.

  • You MUST NOT point default/statis route to us.